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Lady Broom's PCOS Tea

Lady Broom's PCOS tea may help with all four types of PCOS. We have established our blend to include some of the most common herbs used to remediate the symptoms and others not included in other blends.  To aide with irregular periods, we have added red clover, safflower, false unicorn root, lady's mantle and partridgeberry. To aide with excessive facial hair , we have added safflower, partridgeberry, partridge berry blossoms. 

Lady Broom's Spicy Tea (Inflammation)

Lady Broom's Spicy Tea has all of the ingredients that may help with your inflammation, flare ups and pain. Ingredients include borage, skullcap, dried achiote red chili peppers, epazote leaf, turmeric, cinnamon chips, lemon, ginger, and nopal. You can enjoy the spicy lemon flavor with the benefits of this herbal tea, hot or cold.

Lady Broom's Think Time Tea (Focus)

Lady Broom's Think Time Tea (Focus) is ideal to drink in the afternoon, or as an evening relaxation beverage. This caffeinated tea may induce feelings of calmness and happiness while helping to focus the mind. We have added St. John's Wort combined with Bacopa Monnier, and Rosemary both may help aide with controlling ADHD. 


Contains CBD

Lady Broom’s Apple Spice Tea

Enjoy this holiday tea as you celebrate thanksgiving welcoming in the fall with flavors of crisp apples and fresh maple. Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves bring warm joy to your heart. This blend is caffeine free and contains Rooibos. Enjoy this tea for a limited time! 

Lady Broom’s Brunch Tea

This tea is a brunch tea created with enjoying friends over an afternoon brunch! It has the sweet taste of Honey Rooibos ginger, and lemon, which makes it very refreshing! Let’s get ready for great conversation while drinking this tea!

Lady Broom’s Peach Cobbler Tea

Our Peach Cobbler blend is the perfect way to start your holiday season. Nourish your palette with a tea blend of Honeybush Rooibos, Vanilla Rooibos, Black OP peach tea, dried peaches, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove.. A perfect treat that’s different than anything you’ve had before! 

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