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Stress-Related Infertility Tea

Stress-Related Infertility Tea is based on the Ayurvedic principles of balancing the nervous and endocrine system.  Ashwagandha supports the immune system and helps manage stress. Reshi helps improve energy levels allowing you to feel more excited to engage in daily activities.  Maca is a super food that supports reproductive health by regulating hormones and strengthening reproductive organs, glands and tissues.


The Yu Wu Green Tea
Description: Harvested at the highest altitudes of the Huaguo Mountains of Eastern China, Yu Wu tea is known for its light, fruity flavor profile. 
Uterine Fibroid Support Tea

Uterine Fibroid Support Tea is formulated with herbs traditionally used to help reduce the growth of uterine fibroids. It also contains ingredients to help regulate menstrual cycles, reduce PMS symptoms and support a healthy uterus.

Made from organic ingredients including Black Hawk, Cramp Bark, Bee Propolis, Cordyceps, and our Proprietary Blend help to nourish the body and support healthy reproductive function.

This tea is great sipped by itself or can be enjoyed with a small amount of honey or lemon.

White Chocolate & Peppermint Tea
Happy Holidays come with a dash of chocolate and peppermint. This nutritious tea was created using peppermint leaves and oil, black tea, white chocolate chips, and mocha. Fill your cup with this special treat if you're looking for a little nostalgia!
Yoni Steam

Steam your way to great health with our yoni steamer! Pick up one today with the Candida Teatox, Fibroid Tea, Purse Tea, Pause Tea and the Ovarian Cyst to sip & steam today.


Young Hyson Green Tea

Young Hyson takes your tea tasting experience to another level. This variety is, unlike regular Hyson, regarded as a high quality tea, being harvested earlier, before the rainy season, and then just the younger leaves and the bud of the tea plant.

This type of tea offers you a full bodied beverage, a beautiful golden color and a sweet fresh taste. This is a great green tea to take in the morning.


Pour the hot water into your teapot and let your tea brew for 3-5 minutes. Don't over steep this tea it will result in a bitter taste rather than sweet.

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